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Posted in journal, single dad on March 15th, 2010 by george

Yesterday my youngest son wished me a Happy Mothers Day. It was a light hearted, innocent remark, and that is how I took it. However, since I am the sole parent living with him and his sister, there are times when I get to wear the mother apron. As all single parents discover, we are doubly flummoxed by parental challenges.

When I first embarked on this blogging lark, I considered launching a blog that chronicled both the delights and the nightmares that come with being a single dad. I decided against it, because I realised that despite my best efforts not to, I would inevitably embarrass my children. Being a teenager is tough enough without having one of your parents highlight the details of your tender years on the internet. Also I would never claim to be anything approaching an authority. I’m just another bewildered single parent.

However, to never mention my single dadmanship would be to deny a large part of my daily life and what occupies my conscious mind. So beginning today, I shall from time to time report episodes and a few thoughts as this ongoing, great adventure unfolds. Read more »

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