rent dancing

Posted in opinion, rants on September 8th, 2009 by george

wall st

Its as old as the hills. One way or another, as long as anyone can remember, men and women have been doing it, mostly with great difficulty. For most of us, the rent dance comprises doing anything and everything we can to provide food and shelter for ourselves, and our immediate family. In recent history this has meant having, getting or holding down a job. This little blip in human history is now drawing to a close.

Let me paraphrase what a  great teacher once said, ‘Before the industrial revolution, everyone was self employed. The industrial revolution is over. So the future is once again self employment. Start your own business!’

This may sound a little grand, or even downright terrifying. But it neednt be. Your business could be as humble as shining shoes or selling pancakes out of a wheelbarrow. The point is that there aren’t enough jobs to go round. Read more »

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