Posted in journal on March 25th, 2010 by george

My friend Neil gave me this orchid last October for my birthday. I’m woefully inadequate when it comes to plant care. I watered it and it soldiered on through November, but by Christmas it looked as if it had given all it had.

I put it in a slightly larger pot, and continued to water it. By the end of February I had little hope left that it would flourish again. However it never looked dead.

10 days ago, an undeniable bud manifested itself. Today it sports 2 flowers and a third bud is vigorously preparing to do its thing.

I have nothing profound to say about this. But it is deeply satisfying and reassuring. So much in nature shuts down during winter. In the depths of the cold weather it is difficult to remember how much is gone, and tough to imagine any of it returning or being replaced. But it does and it is.

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