banality & disaster

Posted in journal on March 11th, 2011 by george

This morning, I logged on to Facebook to see what was up. Half way down the news feed was a post from a journalist friend with a link to a live BBC news feed about a 8.8 earthquake in Japan. Clicking on the link I quickly discovered the enormity of the tragedy. Several minutes later I returned to Facebook.

There were a few sympathetic messages about the Japanese disaster. The rest were as follows; invitations to gigs, dinner plans, complaints about partners, “I’m so lonely….”, an offer of ukelele lessons….you get the picture.

Its hard to say if this is reassuring or deeply disturbing. A bit of both I guess. Life goes on, as I’m sure we would all want it to. What can we do? If you think prayer makes a difference, as I do, then a few minutes praying for the many people affected would be time well spent.

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