St Patrick’s Day

Posted in journal on March 17th, 2010 by george

Today is St Patrick’s Day. Its extraordinary that a man born in Roman Britain, which was approximately modern England and Wales, should today be widely recognised as the patron saint of Ireland. St Paddy is a limey?! His feast day is celebrated perhaps even more outside the church than in.

As a young man embarking on my drinking career,  I and my friends felt duty bound to deliver extravagant performances on March 17. This was in England in the late 60s, when Irish-English relations were not great. After a long history of dissent, what passed for peace was in fact no more than an uneasy truce. Still as a budding musician and trainee drunk, I felt no qualms enjoying Guinness, Jameson’s whisky, and the music of the Dubliners and beyond. Neither did great numbers of my countrymen. What did we care of history? The misdeeds of our greedy ancestors did not concern us. Nor in my experience, did they particularly concern Irish people of our age. Read more »

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