immigration policy…who does it serve?

Posted in opinion on September 4th, 2009 by george

I have been working  in an Immigration Detention Centre, a former barracks, where around 400 grown men are confined to remain while the labyrinthine Home Office processes that must explain their present condition and decide their future unfold. These men are from all over the world. Some are escaping dire, life threatening situations in their home countries. They are labelled asylum seekers. Some have come to the UK hoping to find a better life, to earn enough to send something home to their families. These are referred to as economic migrants. Some have been living legally in the UK, but have fallen foul of the law, and now find themselves liable to be deported, in the name of the war on terrorism. They will have come here straight from prison, having served their sentences. Often their only crime was to be caught using false ID papers, without which they would never have been able to escape their homelands in the first place. Read more »

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