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Posted in journal, single dad on March 29th, 2010 by george

I love our living room. It serves many purposes. Currently it is a guest bedroom, an internet cafe, a laundry room and a cinema. This is when it is happiest.

When no one is staying, sometimes days go by when no one even goes there except to pass through to the back yard. When I was a child, we lived for a short while in a lovely country cottage that had a parlour. We never went in there except when we had guests. Sad and wasteful.

The name living room says it all. Its a room for living to take place in. When I’m on my own, the kitchen mostly becomes my living room. Thats where the food delivery system is…there is a phone in there…washing machine…its the warmest place in the house. When I’m done in there, I either go out, or to my studio, or to bed.

I get no kick from sitting on my own in a comfy chair, watching TV or reading a book. I am too much reminded there is no one else around. So another reason I love my living room is that if I am in there it is because I have company.

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