non-stick glue

Posted in rants on January 22nd, 2010 by george

Am I the only person who increasingly finds that modern envelopes do not have enough glue on them? Or the glue has been diluted? In any case, no amount of spittle will seal the envelope. So some kind of tape is required to do the job.

What kind of cost-cutting madness is this? Is this a prelude to a whole range of products that, in the name of economy, no longer meet requirements? Shorter staircases…lets save wood and jump the last couple of steps. Floorboards too thin to support a person’s weight. Lukewarm freezers…. Sound systems you can barely hear, even at maximum volume.. Perhaps solar clocks….

There is an advertising catch phrase I’ve heard on the TV that goes, ‘It does what it says on the tin’. It has entered the vernacular here in the UK. It seems to imply that nowadays just doing what it is supposed to deems a product miraculous!

Hear ye, manufacturers! Its not much to ask…

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