vying for position

Posted in humbug alert, opinion, rants on May 7th, 2010 by george

UK Election synopsis….government closes up shop and for weeks and at great expense, professional liars bombard us with empty promises, at the end of which a bamboozled nation is unable to decide conclusively, probably because the choices are so poor…the result leaves the state more bankrupt than ever, with no honest men able to effectively steer us toward something better, leaving ordinary British people more angry, confused, frustrated and miserable than ever….can we learn anything from this fiasco?….probably not….we have been perpetuating the same crock of s#*t for so long we dont know where else to turn…
in a ┬ánation driven to drink a long time ago, the winners are probably the pubs, who will be busier than ever, filled with those drowning their sorrows, and those who have washed their hands of the whole sorry charade….

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