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‘real heroes take no credit…they do their thing and move on’ I remember reading something along these lines in the Tao Te Ching years ago, and thinking, ‘that sounds right!’

When speaking of heroes, often our first thought is of soldiers and battle. Warriors overcome their natural fear, risking and often losing their lives for the greater good. When we hear such accounts of supreme courage, and the ultimate sacrifice, we are humbled indeed. ‘Greater love hath no man…..’ Faced with such choices, how would we respond?

In fact all of us have opportunities to perform heroically from time to time. To what extent we rise to the occasion is the variable. For me, the true heroes are called upon to step up to the plate again and again.  They quietly live out heroic lives on a daily basis, asking no thanks, seeking no glory and expecting no reward. Single parents, carers of the disabled, the disabled themselves, doctors and nurses, missionaries….these are the more obvious ones. If you were to ask any one of them how or why they do it, they would probably say that they have no choice. They are just doing what has to be done.

I am lucky. Like many, my day-to-day difficulties are not the stuff of tragedy. I could compile a long list of complaints, but in the face of the hardships many others endure, I prefer to thank God for my good fortune.

One of the attributes of heroes, is that they inspire us to emulate their triumphs. We all know examples of these unsung heroes. And though they would never dream of asking for it, they could probably use some help. Let us pray that we discover ways to contribute to their efforts, as each of us, in our own quiet way, aspire to joining their ranks.

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