sorry prince charlie

7989185Poor old Charles and Camilla. Hauled off to Montreal to present new colours to the Black Watch of Canada, they were confronted with more than 100 anti monarchy demonstrators.

Julien Gaudeau, a spokesman for the militant nationalist group Reseau de Resistance du Quebec which organised the protest, said: “The prince is important as a symbol of power given by the blood. We don’t want this kind of symbol in Quebec, more than 80% of the population in Quebec is opposed to the monarchy.”

While Charles has doubtless enjoyed his privileged life within the monarchy, and has loyally kept up his end of the bargain, I wonder whether in private he doesn’t entertain serious doubts about the British monarchy’s continued relevance. And I wonder what his sons think…

For the moment, anti monarchist sentiments in England are muted, and enough people remain fond of them and what they represent for us to resignedly tolerate them. Like an irascible old maiden aunt, for better or worse we are lumbered with them. Whatever we think of them, they are the ENGLISH Royal Family!

Elsewhere it is a different story. When I was a teenager, the British Empire was even then having a hard time accepting its demise. I’m 60 now. Why anywhere other than England would want Elizabeth II’s head on their bank notes or postage stamps I cant imagine.

Just as Britain is forced to accept a reduced role in international affairs, so too should the Royal Family reconsider its position. If they were to quietly and gracefully withdraw their patronage from the likes of Canada and Australia, rather than wait till they are summarily booted out, they would garner a lot more respect.

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