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santaLast night I spent the evening watching the tube. November 13, and already TV ads are working their dreadful sorcery. An endless list of gift options and food and drink items for the feast, now a mere 6 weeks away, are paraded before hapless viewers.

Why does this still affect me? Its not that I want to rush out and buy all this crap, but rather that I feel guilty because I don’t want to. The arch winks and sly grins of a high sheen cast of glamour cats and kittens, would have me give in to their blandishments and START SPENDING MONEY!!

I have lived with this contradictory attitude for years. Like millions, I know perfectly well that the origins of Christmas have nothing to do with money, yet each year I wind up spending more than I can afford. Which means that the commercial pressure on us all works on me whether I like it or not.

What irks so many of us is how early the campaign begins. By the end of October it is in full swing.

How refreshing it would be if we could contrive to ban all mention of the impending feast till, say, December 15. No gift buying, no plans, no advertising, and no preparation of any kind. This would free us up to have a last minute, chaotic, spontaneous good time of our own devising. The best parties often happen this way. Sadly the forces of commerce, overwhelming as they are, would never go for it.

Years ago I used to do all my shopping on Christmas Eve. It was exciting, hair-raising and a party in itself. Might I humbly suggest that any number of us can quite happily resist all this profit seeking hoo-ha, and keep what little money we have firmly in our pockets. If enough people did it, we could bring the greedy bastards to their knees.

To usurp Nancy Reagan’s famous slogan, “Just Say No!”

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  1. Z_RoveR Says:

    Dear Author mylittlecleaver.com !
    So happens. We can communicate on this theme.

  2. george Says:

    bring it on, Z Rover!

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