cleanliness is next to dirtiness

french maidCleaning is an endless task. I know people who have spotless homes, but spend every waking moment keeping them that way. Conversely there are those who always have something better to do, and choose to blithely ignore the absolute squalor surrounding them. I am somewhere in between.

Despite my best intentions, I wind up letting cleaning/tidying up slide until it overwhelms me. Then in a frenzy of remorse and disgust, I thoroughly tidy and clean everything and everywhere, promising myself that henceforth I will stick to a regular cleaning schedule. I may even keep my promise for a while, but generally within a month or so my good intentions are a dim memory.

I have no advice or recommendations regarding this. Were I a little wealthier, I would pay someone to come twice a week and beat back the tides of chaos. Money well spent. As this is not an option, I pray instead that this is a good habit I will eventually cultivate.

For most of us it is probably a question of priorities. Mine change, almost by the hour, so the list is constantly re-ordering itself. Of course, when pondering what to do next, I go to the top of the list. Cleaning needs to have got pretty urgent to make it to the top ten.

So in the absence of total cleanliness, my days pass in relative dirtiness. I do think cleaning is one of those things you can have too much of. It never ends. There will always be more dirt, germs, bacteria, dust, stains and such. They are part of life.

I think it was Quentin Crisp who said, “After 2 years the dust doesn’t get any worse.” I haven’t tested that theory yet, but ‘pristine and shiny’ will never describe my world. I’ve too many other things to do, and my home is not a hospital. Well, not yet.

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