madge_1493828cSo Madonna has told David Letterman and his audience that she doesnt like being called ‘Madge’. She said to Letterman: “You know, that’s one of the reasons I left England, so I don’t have to hear the word ‘Madge’ any more….”

“People say it means two different things. Some people say that ‘Madge’ is a colloquialism – do you know that word? – for kind of like a boring, middle-aged housewife. And other people say it’s short for ‘Majesty’.”

Well Madge, or may I call you Pudding?…you sets yerself up…for us lowly UK types, it remains a great pleasure poking small holes in monstrous egos like the one you appear to haul around. Its time you learnt to enjoy it.

Of course by whinging about it, you show yourself to be…..well, ‘boring and middle-aged’, in a way the housewives you so depise, simply dont have time for. They are too busy doing the housework. And you, having sold so many zillions of records, are for many of them providing the soundtrack.

Is this another career move? Can we now expect ‘Madge’s Drudgery Collection’?…’Sing Along with Madge While You Wash the Dishes’?….’Madges Laundry Tapes’?….’Darning Socks with Madge’?..It could run and run.

What you have done is ensure that you are called ‘Madge’ till the day you hop the twig. So I expect that is what you wanted.

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