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logoMy daughter turned 17 on Monday. So, after a bracing cup of cowboy coffee, I finally made the phone call I had been dreading. I wanted to know how much it would cost to insure my daughter to drive my car. Am I nuts?

After I had answered the litany of security riddles, I was permitted to pose my question. I explained the recent birthday and said that I wanted a quote for adding her as a named driver to my policy.

‘I will need your daughters driver number, sir.’ ‘Well, we have applied and paid for her provisional license, but it hasnt arrived yet.’ ‘In that case I cant help you.’ ‘Can you not at least give me a ballpark figure?’ ‘We are forbidden by law to supply quotes without all the necessary information’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘you know all about my car, you know where I live, which is where she lives too, and clearly while she waits for her provisional license, 2 days after her 17th birthday, she has no driving history whatsoever. What more information could you possibly need?’

‘I’m sorry sir, we are required by law….’ Scared I would start yelling at him, I hung up.

Curious for a second opinion, I went online this morning to, and after 5 minutes form-filling, was offered a long list of quotes, including one from my current insurers, which was twice as much as the cheapest price offered. They were asking over £1000 and the best deal was £548.91!

Which maybe explains the curious response. But probably not. When I call them again to cancel my cover because I’ve found somewhere cheaper, they may well fall over backwards trying to offer me a deal to match the one I’ve found. I’ve experienced this before with mobile phone providers, and the insurance business is several times more devious.

What a miserable way to do business.

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