we dont want them here, we dont want them there….

jungle_1483532cIn these times of easy travel, there is an unstoppable tide of ‘migrants’ heading for our materially blessed lands. They come from parts of the world with a daily diet of poverty, despair, violence and death. They are attempting to do what the bravest of us would do in their place. Against overwhelming odds, they want to escape a terrible life, to create a good one. They are our brothers and sisters.

Yet in every developed country, armies of angry, frightened citizens focus on protecting themselves rather than helping those in need.

The French authorities have undertaken to close down the ‘jungle’ of makeshift shelters and tents affording temporary homes for migrants around Calais. Where do they expect them to go? All this guarantees is that their miserable lives will be made even more difficult.

It fits in with a pattern of persecution of the less fortunate by governments everywhere. If you vote and pay taxes you must be protected from those that dont.

Heres a personal message to ALL world leaders. There is only one GOD, and you are not it. ALL God’s creatures are equally entitled and deserving of your respect and care. As long as you are protecting the ‘greedy bastards’, you are one of them. A greedy bastard, that is.

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