open closed to us in uk

rupert-murdochThanks Rupert! I have to presume it is the machinations of your media empire that has meant that tennis fans in the UK are denied TV and radio coverage of the US Open.

I couldnt watch it on TV because I dont have SKY. So I am presuming SKY bought up the rights, at least in the UK.

The only live radio available was BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra which unaccountably was not available online so that to hear it I would have needed to go out and buy a digital radio. Do you know anything about this, Rupert?

I wonder how much of the money involved goes to the tennis players? 

I’m glad I’m not a football fan. In the street where I live, definitely a low income area, most of the houses have the tell-tale SKY dish attached to them. These are people with hard lives who love football. It is one of the biggest things in their lives, and often one of their few joys. So they spend money they can ill afford buying into your miserable empire, Rupert, so they can continue to enjoy what their parents enjoyed for free.

You probably dont, but you should feel deeply ashamed. You havent created anything new. Your organisation buys up what others have created then build walls and portals around your purchases, through which only those prepared to part with large fees are able to pass.

Mostly I couldnt care less. Whatever is going on in your exclusive domain has no effect on my life. Tennis is the one sport I get passionate about.

When I was a street musician in Paris back in the late 70s, we used to watch the final of the US Open on a TV in a late night bar. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember watching at least the finals on BBC in England.

You and your cronies have put an end to that, Rupert.

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