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woody_&_ralph_kipA good nights sleep is a wonderful thing. Last night I had one, the night before I did not. This morning I feel ready for anything. Yesterday I was exhausted, without a drop of creative juice left in me. I struggled desperately to maintain a positive attitude and just get the deeds needing doing done.

Were I a preacher, I would today praise the power of sleep, and suggest that we all organise our activities so that each day we have time to rest properly. By doing a little less we will surely do what we do better and leave ourselves time to relax, enjoy life a little, and get enough sleep! Easily said I know, but just because the world we live in seems bent on filling every waking hour with frantic activity, does not mean that we can’t individually take a stand, and step aside from this bewildering torrent of over-stimulation.

Are all our efforts helping us achieve what we really want? Most of us would prefer calm to stress, energy to exhaustion, love & peace to hate and war. If we take time to stop and reflect, we will realise we don’t truly need or even want many of the things we are so hell bent on working towards.

What really makes us happy, has nothing to do with material rewards. No amount of money will ever make us happy. If we learn to make do with what we have we will find that in fact we don’t need very much. Rather than perceive that there is never enough we will instead understand there is always more than enough.

This perception will also take the sting out of inequality. Someone having more than you is irrelevant in the light of you having enough or more, and if someone has less than you, then you might be more disposed toward sharing some of your bounty with them.

And so it goes…..sleep is a good example of the plenty principle. You can have as much or as little sleep as you choose, and it will not impinge on anyone else in any way. It is yours to take. I suggest you take plenty.

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2 Responses to “my favourite high”

  1. Caline Says:

    I so love reading your thoughts on all matters. Mostly I agree and say to myself, “yes, yes…”
    Because the common thread between them is about regaining those pieces that we’ve scattered in order to regain our humanity. Yes, George, it’s all about love and tolerance and taking good care…
    All definitely easier to manifest after a good nights rest!

  2. george Says:

    God bless you, Caline…I hope we get to hang out again soon..
    big love to you & your companion

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