tax evasion

Large numbers of people in our western democracies habitually drink alcohol and/or smoke cigarettes. Although governments pay lip service to campaigns to stop smoking and drink in moderation, it is hardly in their interests that we do so. The lions share of the money we hand over for our preferred poisons goes to the taxman. Even the weakest math students can grasp that this adds up to a very significant sum of money.

It occurs to me that apart from the obvious health benefits, a very compelling reason for millions of us to stop spending our money this way is to hold our governments to ransom. For those of us who are less than happy about the way our taxes are spent, this might finally provide some bargaining power. If enough of us quit drinking for say, one month, our feckless leaders might be obliged to listen to our concerns a little more carefully than they currently do. During which time, we would all sleep more soundly and be better off!

In Britain at the moment, where the drinking classes are an overwhelming majority, it is not inconceivable that the money earned from all this partying is paying for the health service that must then treat the consequences of all this abuse. That is a very discomforting equation.

So, if you need more reason than just personal integrity to control and reduce your bad habits, think about exerting your democratic muscles. The less you drink and smoke, the less taxes you pay.

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  1. Smoking Lungs » tax evasion Says:

    […] Original post:  tax evasion […]

  2. george Says:

    we seem to be suggesting much the same thing!…
    all the best

  3. My Little Cleaver » Blog Archive » unnatural selection Says:

    […] Hard to say. Certainly blogs like this wont make a blind bit of difference. I’m in favour of tax evasion. Hit ‘em where it hurts. We can change our lifestyles and lose them a great deal of money. […]

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