SundayWhat has happened to Sundays? As a child I always went to church with my mother and brother. No one worked, and the stores were all closed. We would have a big lunch, walk the dog, maybe visit cousins or friends, and we would do all of these things  in each others company. Like millions of others, we were perpetuating thousands of years of tradition. Sunday was a day of rest, dedicated to God and family.

These days, I quite often work on a Sunday, it is a big shopping day as a growing number of stores are open, and less and less people go to church.

I cant help feeling something important is in danger of being lost here. Those traditional values are of proven worth. We need to take time to rest from our labours, spend time with our families, and thank God for all our blessings. If we can’t put one day aside out of seven to do that then when are we going to do it?

Its a widely heard cry about modern life that there isnt enough time to do everything. I dont believe we are meant to do everything, and we all know in our hearts that by taking time off to rest and relax, we come back to our tasks refreshed, get more done, and do a better job.

In the weekly structure our society is built around, Sunday remains the day best suited for this. Within even the most enlightened regimes, there remains a portion of drudgery. I hereby pledge henceforth to resist as best I can, embarking on any donkeywork on a Sunday. Instead, having been to church, I am going to play with my children, prepare a delicious meal, read my book and take a long nap.

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