scene in a train

Sitting in a train, heading north. Mountains, lakes, trees, small houses, rocks all roll by. Far from the city, the minutiae of nature perform a symphony of joy. Single blades of grass rise from a still pond. Next to lilies, lie flat leaves. Birds float, barely rippling the water. Musicians sprawl in their train seats, oblivious to it all. They have barely slept and are trying to make up for it now. Across the aisle, a man in a leather jacket slouched over almost double, snores quietly. Across from him, 2 young girls giggle uncontrollably. He snores on. The girls have I-pods and phones to play with. They have finished their candy snacks and drinks. They fidget and toss their hair. Would they prefer to be racing through the woods, chasing each other?

Boredom seems like a desire to be in a different place, doing something else. But maybe its an inability to do nothing comfortably. Until we can simply be, cut loose from desires and fears, we are doomed to a deep dissatisfaction, and cravings that cannot be sated.

One of the musicians is woken by the giggling. He reaches across and touches one of the girls lightly, then moves his hand to indicate they might try to keep the noise down. Their mother stares intently at him. How great it would be, were she to throw her drink in his face. Instead the girls stifle their giggles. Shortly after, they set off on a walk together, to give their residue of laughter a chance to escape.

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