no news is the best news


Apart from radio headlines, I largely avoid the media news outlets these days. Firstly, and selfishly, I generally have something better to do. Most TV is so disappointing that I rarely turn that on. I was once addicted to newspapers, reading a morning and an evening one, until I realised I was spending up to 4 hours each day doing so. Now, with an ever growing list of books I plan to enjoy, I very rarely look at a newspaper. Occasionally on a plane or train journey I’ll buy one, and usually regret it.

I don’t feel I’m missing anything. Important news, be it global or personal, filters through no matter what. For years, family and friends have insisted they have to ‘know what is going on’, to ‘keep in touch’.  I contend that the more attention I pay to media news, the more I am reminded that I have no idea what is going on, and there is no one willing or able to enlighten me. At best we are given hints, diversions and wild guesses. Sometimes we are served up barefaced lies. And it is hard to totally discount the paranoid theory that our attention is drawn to stories the powers that be deem suitable, and away from those they prefer we know nothing about.

I want to try and remain aware, alert and sensitive to the world around me. If I am successful in my immediate vicinity then that is ‘in touch’ enough for me.

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