lets have artists rule the world

I’d like to suggest that the business of government is far less crucial than they would have us believe. In Britain, where the ‘Mother of all Parlaiments’ holds sway, you can now watch on TV the honourable members in the great chamber, slouching on their benches, shouting and jeering at each other like schoolboys, while they jostle and manoeuvre for position in their struggle to get re-elected.

Much of the real work is nothing but housekeeping on a grand scale. Providing, cleaning, adapting, improving and struggling to balance the books. Every family does this in their own domain outside working hours. If they are smart, they get it done as efficiently as possible to leave time for more creative or enjoyable pursuits.

Might not artists be the most natural people to run things? Often blessed with abundant energy, they would be inclined to swiftly perform their duties, and solve the problems of the day, so they could turn their attention to something more interesting.

It might be argued that they are frequently burdened with personality disorders, are slovenly in their personal behaviour, and are prone to engendering mayhem and chaos in their wake. These accusations can be just as accurately directed at our politicians. The difference is that the boys and girls in charge at the moment feel impelled to create problems rather than solve them, and blow them up out of all proportion. Are they trying to justify their priveleged positions and salaries? I cannot think of any other good reason.

So why not sack the lot of them, and make a provably creative life be a prerequisite of standing for election. It couldnt be any worse, and it might be a lot more fun.

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