heres to good sound technicians

played the Stavangar blues club last night…great evening…excellent sound, thanks to fine system and exceptional soundman….a strange fact of the music world that we inhabit is that so many of the small venues & clubs have awful sound technicians….it’s a perfect example of how those with little or no knowledge will stubbornly and authoritatively insist on doing things their way, all with supreme confidence, and usually with disastrous results….they constantly twiddle knobs, searching for who knows what, so the performers have nothing consistent to work with….each time they approach a microphone, it sounds different, and signal levels go up and down like a roller-coaster…..

conversely,  those with some real experience and know-how are open to all opinions, and will quietly make it work somehow, expecting no credit…

our friend last night was of the latter variety….and we are humbly grateful…..

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