doing nothing with furniture

 doing nothing with furniture

 I have always liked Mondays. Much like September’s back-to-school fever, there is some excitement at the beginning of a new week. If I’ve been fortunate, I have had a restful Sunday and am suitably refreshed. I generally get a lot done.

Now I am on holiday, this Monday is doubly enjoyable. At home an endless list of tasks await my attention. But I am a long way from home. So I am powerless to begin any of them. This is my 3rd day of a short visit to the South of France, and I am still adjusting to the notion that in fact the less I do right now, the better.

This morning I drank coffee and talked with my brother for most of the morning. What we spoke of hardly matters. We were able to free associate through a number of topics, and continue indefinitely, unhindered by any pressing need to do anything else. What a luxury.

I am not used to this vacation lark. But it sure grows on you!

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